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Communication solutions are the crux for brand success. The power of communication helps your brand stand strategically perfect.

We, at Moksha Media, merge traditional media with the new age media - a fine fusion to please your target audience. Our experience and expertise in branding, design, and digital domains provide well-orchestrated, innovative solutions that strongly connect brands with the target audience. Currently, we specialize in brand communication for the healthcare organizations.

Each string of brand communication - whether it is Internal Communication, PR, building of websites or executing campaigns - is pulled together in such a way that a clear, perfect note is created that reverberates your brand integrity.

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  • Corporate

    Communication is what keeps any organization going. It is the responsibility of the Organization to ensure that the Communication stream used is effective and flawless. It is thus essential to ensure that the Communication strategy is perfect.

    We staunchly believe that our inimitable skills can help you develop communication design strategies that will give you an edge over your competitors. At our design studio a range of services with the latest software complete with high-end graphic workstations, we provide complete solution to your Corporate Communications' needs.

    • Corporate presentations and films
    • Web page conceptualizing and designing
    • Multimedia archives, databases, product catalogue development
    • Internet based project development, Professional/Corporate Multimedia presentations
    • E-learning systems, electronic publishing, computer based training program development
    • 2D and 3D Animation for the architectural community, broadcast and games
    • Corporate Stationery, Corporate Communication Ideas and Corporate Identity Development
    • Film and Broadcast special effects development and post production

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  • Internal

    Right Communications within an organization is very crucial. It is crucial that the internal personnel of the Organization is well informed about the identity, idea, culture and every other information about the Brand in particular and the Company as a whole.

    Moksha Media firmly believes that the communication strategy a company presents to the market is a reflection of the strategy that the company adopts and adheres. We work hard to ensure that internal staff knows and understand the organizations right from the identity, vision, culture, process of business, strategy and absolutely everything about the organization. We the techniques used are:

    • Presentations
    • Training Programmes
    • Intranet sites
    • Brand Guidelines & Manuals
    • Online Guidance tools
    • Updating Meetings

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  • Investor Relation

    Investors, who have vested enormous amount of trust and money in a company, have the maximum right to know about the happenings in the Organization, its performance and progress.

    Moksha Media works with you to create communications focused at investor concerns regarding the performance of the Brand and the Company as a whole. Moksha Media’s investor related communications include:

    • Annual Reports
    • Online Share Information
    • Online Investor Information
    • Analysis Reports
    • Email Updates
    • Newsletters

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  • Broadcast

    Broadcast Communication, using television, is one of the most demanded methods of reaching your target audience. Moksha Media has a team of experts in designing right method of advertising and communication using the television media. Our team of experts has vast experience in creating some stunning advertisements. Our experience has matured from creating sheer analog television advertisements into creating some digital advertisements using animations, adding excitement to advertisements.

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  • Non-Broadcast

    Non Broadcast Communications include mediums such as Print, Radio, Posters, etc, which is undoubtedly is among the most preferred method of communication.

    Moksha Media has created some astonishing print advertisements not just for the clients’ products and services but also for recruitment. We have been appreciated for having done some emotional campaigns/ advertisements for social causes and socially responsible institutions.

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  • Sponsorship and Events

    One of the effective and obvious communication methods these days seems to be sponsoring events. Sponsoring events that fall in your area of business definitely means attracting great attention to your brand and drawing high inquisitiveness among target audience to know your brand.

    Moksha Media in association with some of the leading and well known Event Managing Companies ensures that you find the right events to exhibit and advertise your brand.

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  • Web

    Portraying a right image plays a vital role in establishing corporate identity. Your effulgent corporate identity must be supplemented with an equally imposing Web site that projects the essence of your enterprise. Every big venture must have a singular beginning and your Web site should be your first step to luring your prospective clients.

    Moksha Media, having experience in Internet, Network Solutions and Software Development, aims at provide solution to support and expand you business keeping in mind your business strategy. Moksha Media’s programmers are adept at implementing various tools, platforms, processes and languages of programming code to construct Web databases, administration pages, e-commerce solutions, search engines. With our cutting-edge technology, you can present a vibrant Web site that will arrest your client's attention.

    Apart from creating extemporaneous Website, it is crucial to let visitors to your Website know that you are updating the Web site. Each time a visitor browses your Website, there must be something new to offer him. Keeping this facet in mind, we ensure that your web site is maintained periodically.

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  • Marketing

    The most important step to gaining a client is to market your product and communicate your ideas. Marketing and Communication are the ways to reach your customers to inform them about the developments in your brand and to inform what you brand stands for to your prospective customers.

    Moksha tenders strategy-led design services to support your marketing efforts. Our services also include.

    • Naming service for new products/brands
    • Credibility-based logo designs, Product packaging and brand design
    • User manual, Brochures, Leaflets, Calendars and Annual Reports
    • Packaging
    • New Media Communications
    • Advertising campaigns, Point-of-purchase and Dealer promotion materials
    • Newsletters, Poster and Intranets, Media kits
    • We also develop customized Computer/Web based tutorials that act as tools to teach incumbents in a user-friendly and interactive environment.

    Our company blurs the conventional "full service" publisher concept of maintain the highest quality design, editorial standard in producing newsletter, magazines and corporate brochures. We demonstrate an exceptional talent of gathering, disseminating and writing information that is direct, meaningful, while emphasizing exquisite visual executions. We also furnish marketing consultation services that enhance your marketing strategies and embellish your marketing techniques.

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  • Interactive Kiosks

    Interactive kiosks give the user a freedom to access any information at their fingertips. It is the most effective promotional tool. Kiosks are very attractive and can act as information providers for your brand.

    Moksha Media has enormous experience in creating software for the kiosks including the touch screen kiosks. Kiosks help clients have a virtual experience of your products, infrastructure, etc. Our 2D & 3D animation allows the viewers to have a complete experience and get to know your company virtually.

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  • E-Commerce

    In addition to attracting client's attention, it is pertinent that you make your competitors aware of your core strengths. It is advantageous to have customized solutions for your company's online transactions. With E-catalogues becoming a trend for introducing the company and their services, your business can take the advantage of this technology.

    Moksha Media will aid you in transforming the conventional and traditional ways of conducting business, by turning the visitors of your web site into your customers and create remarkable E Catalogues, while your competitors would be still trying to process complicated data using outdated technologies and ideas.

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  • Multimedia

    Interactive multimedia presentations can be perhaps the most effective method to impress your clients. It is the interactivity and the friendly approach that impressed people and educates them all about your brand.

    At Moksha Media, we specialize in CD-Rom title development, incorporating video footage, 2D and 3D animations, Flash and Director based development and 3D walkthroughs. Our clients benefit from our expertise in

    • Corporate presentations
    • Product catalogues
    • Process Demonstrations
    • Online Directories
    • Sales Training Tools

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  • New Media

    New Media Communication including Online Advertisements is one of the favorites and relatively less expensive methods of advertising.

    At Moksha Media, we have highly creative and qualified experts who employ innovative and latest new media technology to transform your simplest communication to highly developed, engaging and fascinating extravaganza. We are ready to burn our creative energies to make your passions come true.

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  • Innovative

    Innovation is what everyone seems to be looking for. Unique and Innovative Communications are something people always look for and the pioneers are most appreciated and remembered. This is the reason why most of the organizations are looking for new and different ways to communicate themselves, in order to be remembered.

    To be the first and unique in communication techniques is what we strive for at Moksha Media. We are ever in search and usage of new and effective techniques for communications both within and outside the organization. This endless search of ours to reach the acme of perfection is what makes our clients want us.

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  • Global

    The communication strategy that works well within the boundaries of the nation cannot assure that it would do equally well global. Infact, it would not. It is highly essential to adapt our communication strategy when going global.

    Moksha Media understands that a Global Communication Strategy development is highly essential for organization targeting global business. Moksha Media works with our clients to create a strategy that adapts itself to different cultures. Advertisements in Print can be adapted accordingly, but there would be some globally common communications of the organizations like its website, etc. which would be globally common. Thus, we ensure that it does not hurt any culture and carefully create a universally appealing communication, expressing the brand essence rightly.

    Make yourself loud and clear, Expand your corporate dimensions, Achieve global presence, Create explosive communication revolution ….. If this is your goal then we are your destination.

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