Brand Identity

Your brand name, logo, and identity must seize the interest of your customer at the first glance, create a lasting impression, and compel your customer to return to your brand repeatedly.

At Moksha Media, we believe, every brand, when projected with its unique spirit, is capable of creating an emotional bond with its audience. With this in mind, we blend creativity and intelligence to construct an indelible, inimitable brand identity, which focuses on your brand's USP and its core tenets, thus, creating customer loyalty and long-term business success.

In concise, our vibrant ideas for your brand are spooled in such a way that your brand refracts into many shades of perfection that captures customer loyalty.

Art of insightful differentiation

  • Identity Design

    Brand Identity is a unique set of functional and mental associations a Brand aspires to create or maintain. These associations represent what the Brand should ideally stand in the minds of customers, and imply a potential promise to customers. It is important to keep in mind that the Brand Identity refers to the strategic goal for a Brand while the Brand Image is what currently resides in the minds of consumers. A good design and an impressive Brand Identity would mean half work is done. Creating a unique Brand Identity has the capability to attract customers, create inquisitiveness to know about the Brand, increase awareness, build an impression, attain loyalty, and voice the true Brand Strategy.

    Moksha Media’s Brand Identity research and analysis is completely objective. At Moksha Media, we have a perfect blend of experienced consultants and creative designers with enormous amount of experience in adding a little something to your Brand that leaves the clients asking for more. We work with you to create striking visual communications for the following:

    • Brand Name
    • Logo - A symbol that conveys the Brand Identity in the market
    • Stationery - The Brand Identity will be infused in all necessary materials required by the organization or written communication - including letterheads, business cards, and envelops, as part of projecting the company’s Brand Identity images)
    • Marketing Collateral - Materials used for selling/promoting the Company, which includes flyers, brochures, books, websites, etc.
    • Products & Packaging - The Brand Identity will get across in the packaging that projects the Brand in essence and in content.
    • Apparel Design - A team wear for employees, reflecting the Brand Identity, Company Image, and team unity.
    • Signage - The designs on the interior and exterior of the company building that grab client attention and project sophistication. Messages & Actions (Messages conveyed via indirect or direct modes of communication)
    • Commercials - Audio as well as visual commercials that represent the company’s brand identity to perfection and project a stable image for the brand in the market.

    We are here for delivering a fully integrated marketing communications program for your company and its Brands. With us as a resource, your Brand will take on renewed strength and vitality, as it stands apart proudly showing its vibrant Brand Identity, Brand Image, and Personality.

    As part of our Branding Identity process, we do the following:

    • Visualize the future of your Brand.
    • Conduct a Brand audit and analysis of your Brand Identity and Brand Image.
    • Review all corporate and marketing communications, internal and external. This process includes reviewing trade advertisements, annual reports, trade show booths, brochures, sell sheets, training videos, newsletters, press releases, etc.
    • Outline a profile of your company in terms of how it now interacts with the world.
    • Evaluate your marketing strategy and Branding strategy are in alignment with the market.
    • Apply sophisticated research and analysis techniques, which result in an action plan unique to your company's Branding, its challenges, and goals.

    After following the routine steps, our team of highly sophisticated Brand Gurus will brain storm to develop key messages, design Brand Identity in tandem with the Corporate Vision, applicability, and Identity Strategy.

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  • Brand Naming

    The Brand Name projects the Brand's intentions and conveys objective or subjective characteristics of the Brand. To choose the right name, Brand Name Research is vital when naming a business or choosing the right service or product name.

    We, at Moksha Media, are the complete marketing professional to give you insight on how a particular idea for a name can be positioned to the public. We ensure that your Brand name reflects the key elements of your company.

    As part of our Brand Naming Strategy, we do the following:

    • We analyze your business plan to figure out the aspects of your company that need to be promoted within the Brand Name, as your Brand Name should reflect the key elements of your company
    • Analyze the market and industry to find out what Name makes an effective statement and why
    • We then find out a meaningful name. We choose a minimum of five possible names that reflect emotional linkage, recallability, brand association, acceptability, pronounceablity, and resonance.
    • We, then, conduct a trademark search to find out if the name has been used before. If the search reveals another company by the same name, then we mark it off the list of possibilities.
    • Then we conduct an in-depth market research to see that the name resonates with the target market, client, and employees.

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  • Logo Design

    A well-designed logo depicts the existence of a company, strengths, services, and products offered. It does not directly sell or describe a business but it represents the essence and soul of the company in graphic form. It creates an indelible mark in the mind of the clients/customers who see the logo for the very first time and every time.

    The aim is to create a lasting impression on a client’s/customer mind. Your logo design and graphical corporate identity are at the core of your company’s outward styling. A striking and appropriate logo can also help differentiate you from your competitors and help you to stand out in the mind of prospective clients.

    Concisely, what a logo means is more important than what it looks like.

    The way we plan Logo design is an intricate process that wrings out the best ideas from our design gurus. 

    The Logo Design Process

    Your logo is important for your company and your brand because it stands for quality and should always represent the image, culture and personality of your brand and company. So, it is imperative that you invest in a strong company logo.

    Strategically Evaluating - We analyze your business plan to understand the brand image, essence, and persona of your company that need to be promoted within the Brand Logo.

    Creative Brief - In this process, the client and our designer team sit down with one another and ask pertinent questions, such as - Does the product give off a special feeling? How does this product help or benefit the person that will be buying it? These questions are more about the products themselves, but knowing the answers and the client’s perspective regarding the Logo will help our designers in the concept development step.

    Research - Now, begins the research stage where we look at the competitors and see the response of the market. What are the competitors doing differently than our clients? Are they working or are they failing? This step is extremely important and the designer or design team gets out of their seat for a day or two and explores the market to see the product in action. Get a feel for all the brand touch points. Take note of size, color, shape, and price. Taking the time to pay a visit in the real world will ultimately help in speeding up the process of design. You will get a better knowing and understanding of how the products function and hold their place in the market.

    Reference - Conduct research into logo designs that have been successful and current styles and trends that may be related to the design brief.

    Concept Development - After the process of information gathering, begins the concept development stage. This is where we start using a sketchbook to generate ideas and concepts that can be then be transferred onto the computer where the design can be created. This step makes the bigger picture clearer. Usually the perfect number for different concepts and logo variations is three.

    Present & Conclude - The final step is where we present the concepts and ideas to the client. We ensure that the Logo is not finalized unless the client have given us the green signal, which means that until the client does that our design process is not finalized.

    After the sign off and approval of the logo, the designer will create a Logo Standards Guide for the Identity. A Logo Standards Guide is a printed booklet with all the information about the logo. It will include any fonts, swatches or PMS colors used in the design on the logo. The client will not be given the font itself, but rather just a printed page of the alphabet used for the font. The guide will also include ways that are acceptable for use of the logo and ways you should not place your logo.

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  • Corporate Identity

    We, at Moksha Media, believe that whatever the size of your business the branding and corporate identity you present to your clients is essential. After all, in a busy competitive market place any edge you can get against your competitors is crucial.

    • Business Cards and Stationery Design - A strong impression of how seriously to take your company can often be given simply by having a professional business card and stationery. Included in the design process are stationary materials such as Letterhead, Second sheets, Business cards, Note cards etc.
    • Signage - Company signage is representative of the uniqueness of your corporate identity. We make sure that your signage reflects the core and strengths of your firm.
    • Postcards, Leaflets & Advertising Design: - In a competitive market place, it is important to communicate with your clients and prospective clients. It is essential that you keep direct contact with you clients and let them know of the various company developments. The communication is not just to keep the client informed about company matters, but more importantly to keep the client in good humor

      We offer a wide range of marketing design for print including post cards, printed mailers, leaflets and advertisement design from magazines to the yellow pages and the tube. In addition to our design services, we also provide copy writing services, and marketing advice and ideas

    • Folders, Product Sheets & Brochures: - Your product literature design is not only a description of your products and services and their benefits but also a chance to convey your own identity, to differentiate yourself from your competitors and start to build a rapport with your prospective clients.

      Our energetic and dynamic team creates customer specific product literature that makes the product documents unique and protects the market distinctness of the product.

    • Packaging: - Each product has to be packaged in such a way that the market instantly accepts and circulates your product. The packaging should be durable, attractive, easy to open, and easy to dispose.
    • PDF Literature Design: - PDF is a digital format, which allows printed literature to be viewed on the vast majority of computers without any loss of formatting. Most people will have come across a PDF whilst browsing the internet as it is a very popular way of publishing information.

      All the design work that we produce, from product sheets, to advertisements, to brochures can also be supplied in PDF format at little or no extra cost. This allows you to position your promotional literature online to be downloaded by your clients and can save you a considerable amount of money as it can be very expensive to get literature printed
    • Designing Digital Economy: - Moving to digital economy, on the Internet, you only have one second to make a powerful impression, to establish your professionalism and start building trust, to generate the interest of your target audience and to begin downloading your value proposition and to initiate compelling sales overture. The use the digital media to create PowerPoint templates, HTML email templates, Email signoffs, Proposal templates, Splash screens et al can revamp your product and make it futuristic and ultramodern.

      Brand designing in an e-commerce perspective is more than aesthetically pleasing graphic design; it is making the brand acceptable in the market today as well as in the future. The design of the graphic user interfaces on the Internet is often of critical importance. Full of brand-building Flash, sluggish multimedia plug-ins, overindulgent mission statements, or content that serves no end. Have a tactical rationale for the placement of every graphic, every image, and every word. Thus, design knowledge based brand.

      In the design process, we integrate knowledge of the customers’ needs and wishes directly with new knowledge about materials and design - or with knowledge about the new opportunities that lie in the use of information and communication technology to profile themselves and their products. Our techno-savvy team makes sure that each of your product literature is technologically perfect and up to date

    In short, Moksha seeks to -
    • Create cutting-edge brands and package designs that meet your strategic marketing objectives, build the promise of your brand, and make your brand stand out in a competitive marketplace.
    • Communicate your brand consistently across all channels from packaging to coupons to floor displays to the web.
    • Add value at every step of our time-tested branding and packaging design process from strategy to research to final art.
    • Build long-term partnerships and understand our clients' businesses inside and out.
    • Keep project costs low while providing high quality, professional customer service.
    • Make your life easier by managing all aspects of the design process (with input at critical points) so that you can concentrate on building your business.
    • Provide business contacts and advice on everything you need to know to put a new package, product, or brand on the market.
    • Act at all times with integrity and confidentiality and in the best long-term interest of our clients' brands.

    more power to your brand!

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