Brand Strategy

In this ever-transcending world of businesses, cultures, technologies and intelligence, it is imperative that your brand befits the beliefs and expectations of the target audience, thereby stimulating them to choose your brand and making them your brand loyalists.

Moksha Media deals with everything from competitive analysis, trend, and market research to innovation and market sustainability. We provide clear guidelines for creative marketing, while developing an innovative approach to attain your business objectives.

What make us different from the scores of brand agencies are our creative perceptions that produce brilliant strategic solutions. In short, we pull the strings in such a manner that the market spins in favor of your brand.

Aligning the innovative ideas and thoughts

  • Research & Assessment

    It is becoming increasingly important for companies to differentiate themselves in today's competitive marketplace. Assessing the market and knowing where your brand stands in the market is an essential exercise for any Company. Whether it is about launching a new Brand or evaluating the performance of an existing one, or choice of a new name or package design, or the repositioning of an existing brand or the introduction of a new one; Research & Assessment of the Brands plays a very important role. To evaluate the performance of the Brand, all aspects of the Industry, its business and its competition have to be put under scrutiny.

    Moksha Media uses a combination of intellectual and analytical tools, which help the client rightly identify the brand's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and the threats, thereby identifying the brand's stand today in the eyes of key audience. This process includes internal research by way of conducting interviews with employees, customers, prospects and past customers. Our research tools determine your brand personality from the point of view of both employees as well as customers. We check if your brand values measure up to your customer's expectations. We also help in identifying the possible performance of new ventures / initiatives, thereby providing highly important inputs to ensure optimal performance of the new strategies.

    As part of our Brand Research & Assesment, we do the following:

    • Review the organization's business strategy, vision, mission and purpose
    • Conduct internal and external audience research
    • Audit communications practices
    • Assess the industry environment
    • Usage of Intellectual and Analytical tools like Brand audit, Surveys, Management and Employee interviews and usage of analytical tools and global databases.
    • Conduct a review of competitors' communication practices

    Assess to know if you impress!

  • Brand Valuation

    Brand Valuation has become an necessary tactical element in the management of a modern enterprise. Well-managed Brands are considered an organization's most valuable assets. Today Brand Valuation plays an essential role in many aspects of business management. Brand Valuation is critical for marketing investments and allows management to plan and assess the impact of their strategies.

    Moksha Media uses a combination of these four methods to rightly identify the Brand's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and the threats, thereby identifying the Brand's stand today in the eyes of key audience. We check if your Brand values measure up to your customer's expectations.

    As part of our Brand Valuation, we do the following:

    • Review the organization’s business strategy, vision, mission and purpose
    • Conduct internal and external audience research
    • Assess the Brand’s current status and worth in the Market
    • Assess the Market environment
    • Apply one or all of the Brand Valuation approaches depending on the Brand’s market status
    • Develop a Brand Value for the current Brand and a blueprint for evaluating the client’s other Brands

    To value the most invaluable!

  • Brand Strategy

    Developing a brand strategy can be one of the most difficult steps in the marketing plan process. It is often the element that causes most businesses the biggest challenge, but it is a vital step in creating the company identity. A brand should be comprised of Company Personality, Image, Core Competencies, and characteristics. A Brand Strategy ensures the brand target, positioning, pricing, design, marketing communications, media planning, customer service, etc are all rightly set. A powerful brand should ensure that all the elements of brand strategy are in place.

    Moksha Media analyzes the strengths of your brand, your competitor's weaknesses, and elements of brand preference. We ensure that our brand strategy takes into account the four marketing components:

    • Review the organization's business strategy, vision, mission and purpose
    • Conduct internal and external audience research
    • Audit communications practices
    • Assess the industry environment
    • Usage of Intellectual and Analytical tools like Brand audit, Surveys, Management and Employee interviews and usage of analytical tools and global databases.
    • Conduct a review of competitors' communication practices

    Think big!

  • Brand Architecture

    Brand Architecture is a systematic way of organizing the identity of the different products, messages, or elements of a company. Brand architecture helps a company understand how its products serve its clients. Brand Architecture should define the different leagues of Branding within the organization; how the corporate Brand and sub-Brands relate to and support each other; and how the sub-Brands reflect or reinforce the core purpose of the corporate Brand. Brand architecture also provides a solid blueprint for an organization to manage new ventures strengthened by the value and equity invested in current activities.

    Moksha Media’s Brand Architecture strategy consolidates the image your organization wants to project, both now and in future endeavors. We intend to allocate Brand-building resources to create effective and powerful Brands. We, at Moksha, work to create synergy among your Brand family and achieve clarity of product offerings. As part of our Brand Architecture, we provide a platform for future growth options. With our Brand Architecture, you can gain the following: increased company market valuation; increased ROI on marketing money; measurable increases in Brand equity, overall and within segments; and reduced risk in adding new or newly acquired Brands to the Brand Portfolio.

    As part of our Brand Valuation, we do the following:

    • Conduct Management Orientation and help create a Project Vocabulary
    • Carry out site visits and interviews to discover the Business Factor
    • Launch a stringent review of Brand Performance and Communication
    • Release executive summary of key findings
    • Make key recommendation based on the key findings
    • Use the key finding and key recommendations to prepare the comprehensive Brand Architecture blueprint
    • Convene a management conference to discuss the blueprint
    • Furnish a written Summary of the conference to both the executives and the participant of the convention. This summary will act as a permanent resource for the Brand Management team.

    Building the right structure

  • Brand Mapping

    Brand Mapping is a research technique to identify and visualize the core positioning of a Brand compared to competing Brands on various dimensions. Brand Mapping is useful in providing highly intuitive representations that help in positioning Brands on dimensions critical to consumer perceptions. A variety of simple to complex statistical methodologies can be used to create them. From the results of the Research & Assessment, a Brand Map is created that provides an improvised result oriented strategy that the organization needs to adapt in order to attain a competitive edge in the market place.

    Moksha Media’s Brand Mapping helps make the client understand the way in which consumers perceive the market and what they want from a category. We can help provide a more actionable and insightful view of their perceptions. We develop a Brand Map on which your new Brand has to work. We developed a quick reference visual to keep the Brand active and alive in the heads and hearts of the executive team. It's something you can literally hang on the wall and refer to several times a day. Contrast this to the volumes of consultant reports that end up collecting dust on your bookshelf.

    As part of creating Brand Maps, we do the following:

    • Elicitation - At the elicitation stage, we involve consumers to elicit the answer to the “What is the list of associations consumers have with the Brand?”
    • Mapping - In the mapping stage, consumers use the set of Brand associations to make a network map of how they see the Brand. Respondents view a concept board which contains a separate card for each association culled from the elicitation stage and are asked to select cards that, for them, represent the Brand.
    • Aggregation - In the aggregation stage involves aggregating individual Brand maps to produce a consensus map of how consumers see the Brand. Two measures, in particular, are used to produce the consensus map: frequency of mention of each association and number of interconnections found between Brand associations
    • Thus, the Brand Map created ensures to connect your Brand strategy with your business objectives and is like flowchart that outlines tactics that need to be implemented to reach your goals in a robust and sturdy manner.

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  • Brand Concept

    Brand Conceptualization refers to defining of the Brand Image that the Brand should carry and what it should reflect. It also includes development of a Brand message which would be communicated in every communication of the organization - both within and outside. The Brand concept ensures that the Brand communication strategy is in sync with the corporate vision.

    Moksha Media has developed methodologies targeted to Brand Conceptualization ideation and creativity that can help you in your product development process. Our knowledge can help your new product have an edge over the competitors Brand or invigorate an existing Brand.

    Moksha Media’s Brand Conceptualization process can include both market research as well as our own marketing and Branding expertise. We advocate a disciplined approach to product development that combines the best of both ideation and brainstorming with in-depth strategic analysis.

    Our Brand Conceptualization includes the following:

    • Operative - Where we look at the intrinsic advantage of the Brand. In other words, the basic operative function of the Brand.
    • Where we consider the extrinsic advantage of the Brand. In other words, the added functions of the Brand.
    • Empirical - Where we consider usage imagery. In other words, a particular positive or relaxing image when using the Brand.

    As part of our Brand Conceptualization efforts, we do the following:

    • We would conduct a market research and use our own expertise to find out the benefits of the Brand - Functional, Symbolic or Experiential.
    • Then we develop a concept suitable for the Brand that would highlight all its benefits.
    • We take all the beneficial aspects of the Brand and create a Brand Image that is suitable for the Brand.
    • After creating an Image, we would look into creating the appropriate Brand message that would tag along with the Brand and is in tandem with the Corporate Vision of the company.
    • We, then, help in creating the right communication strategy for the Brand and the organization.

    Defining brand!

  • Brand Positioning

    Position is the one descriptive sentence or slogan the company is known for. It is a specific idea that first comes to mind about the product. It is the one characteristic that sets a Brand a league above its competitors. Excellent positioning is the key to a Brand's and ultimately a company's success.

    Moksha Media’s Brand Positioning methodology involves identifying your target audience and plan a strategy so that your Brand is top-notch. Our process is custom-made to identify and prioritize the complex set of features, benefits, attributes and images to develop a unique customer value proposition. Our effort is to help you and your client understand your unique attributes in comparison with your competitors.

    As part of our Brand Positioning, we do the following:

    • Our researchers along with market gurus and sales experts make a list of all significant competitors and write a sentence defining their position in the market.
    • Next, we define the current position of your company, product or service, as it really exists in the minds of consumers.
    • Identify one specific attribute that sets your Brand apart from the competitors.
    • Our experts ensure that the Brand Positioning is in sync with how you want the Brand to be known and that it reflects reality.

    Taking a step ahead!

  • Integrated Marketing

    Integrated Marketing is a management concept that is designed to make all aspects of marketing communication such as advertising, sales promotion, public relations, and direct marketing work together as a unified force, rather than permitting each to work in isolation. The goal of Integrated Marketing is to create and sustain a single look or message in all elements of a marketing campaign. Integrated Marketing is a holistic discipline that involves the whole organization in developing high-value brand experiences for all stakeholders.

    Moksha Media is dedicated to help your brand survive against all odds and stand in the market. As part of its survival, it is essential that we develop a strategy that would encompass all aspects of marketing techniques. The idea is to give your Brand a holistic approach when marketing it. Thus, no aspect of the Brand would be abandoned or left out. We use our expertise in Integrated Marketing g to give your Brand the holistic exposure that it deserves. We assure you that we will provide your business with quality, cost-effective strategies and tactics.

    Our Integrated Marketing strategy includes the following:

    • Broaden your client or donor base
    • Drive up traffic, sales and visibility
    • Increase your market share
    • Reach your market potential
    • Add value to your products and services
    • Generate client and customer loyalty

    As part of our Integrated Marketing strategy, we do the following:

    1. Marketing Effectiveness Analysis: We analyze the performance of an organization's marketing outfit under three platforms:

    • Communication effectiveness: We analyze to fine how well the company chooses its communications channels and if they are integrated. We also check to see if the propositioned messages are consistent and do they communicate the company values and company image
    • Complementing Internal Processes: We take into consideration if your integral processes are aligned and that there are customer services centers to understand the needs of your customers.
    • Customer Retention: We will check to see if your customer retention tactics are in place and that they are efficient.

    2. Based on the above mentioned general parameters & also industry-specific parameters, we diagnose the current position of the relationship marketing performance of your organization.

    3. As part of Integrated Marketing strategy, we ensure that all aspects in Marketing domain are covered to market your Brand, which include.

    • Marketing Collateral
    • Public Relations
    • Print
    • Radio/Television
    • Direct Mail
    • Trade Shows
    • Online
    • POS

    Unifying marketing force!

  • Internal Alignment

    Every strong brand is the one that is strong from within! A Brand’s value system, its values, beliefs, and behavioral standards must be embedded within an organization’s culture if its representatives are to live the brand, passionately spreading its distinctiveness. Every Company should ensure that the Brand Ideas, Strategy, Concept, Positioning, Promise, and Culture are well understood by all within the company. This is very important as every employee ought to adopt that culture and live up to the promise made by the Brand. Every action and attitude of the employees would reflect the Brand Culture, so a Company should ensure that their Brand is well understood by the employees.

    Moksha Media works with its clients to ensure that all the internal constituents are immersed in and can deliver the Brand Promise.

    Activities undertaken at this phase:

    • Internal Brand Communications - News letters and other innovative methods.
    • Training employees specially the ones dealing directly with customers.
    • Team Building
    • Develop policies and training programs that would positive change employee behavior.
    • Employee Branding- Internal Motivation and Communication programs Internal Company Meets

    Aligning body and soul

  • Brand Management

    Managing a brand is as essential as creating it! Sometimes more too! A brand creates a perception in the mind of buyers, and if not well managed it can destroy the positive perception created in minds of the buyers. Brand Management is all about molding, managing and ensuring that the buyers have a positive perception about your brand, a perception that your brand aims for, and fill in the gaps, if any, that are obstructing the buyers in having such a perception. Brand Management reframes and modifies the Brand Strategy to ensure that the market’s perceptions are exactly as you intended.

    Moksha Media by ensuring that all within the organization and its associates have understood about the perception the Brand ought to create in the minds of the buyers. We undertake research to find out if the Brand is being perceived as intended. If the customers expect something else and that requires come amendments in the Brand Strategy, we work close with our clients to ensure that the amendments are made in such a way that they do not hurt the essence of the Brand.

    Activities undertaken at this phase:

    • Research of brand in marketplace
    • Project Management
    • Reframing of intended strategy
    • Amendment to Brand Strategy

    Under control

  • Brand Guardians

    Having given so much of time and energy to Building and Managing the Brand, not protecting it would be precarious. All measure should be taken to ensure that the brand is well protected. Trademark clearance, protection and enforcement should be ensured. All legal protections should be activated.

    Moksha Media includes in its versatile portfolio as being a strategic brand development agency, working with clients across a range of sectors bound by the need to harness the power of their brand. Moksha Media acts as a guardian to your brand. Our role and philosophy is to put our clients in control of their brand, whatever their needs. Our registered legal associates ensure that you brand attains trademark clearance and gets the legal protection required. We work for our client’s peace of mind by safeguarding their Brands. We see to it that all the possible protection to your brand is provided and ensure that all the requirements are fulfilled.

    • Review the organization's business strategy, vision, mission and purpose
    • Conduct internal and external audience research
    • Audit communications practices
    • Assess the industry environment
    • Usage of Intellectual and Analytical tools like Brand audit, Surveys, Management and Employee interviews and usage of analytical tools and global databases.
    • Conduct a review of competitors' communication practices

    someone's watching over you

  • New Age Branding

    An effective brand is that which works well on all platforms - Television, Kiosks, Web, WAP and all the innovative technologies afar. New Age Branding helps the brands transcend and reach out far and wide. Let us examine E Branding, Internet aids you to reach the global audience. Organizations should make their presence in World Wide Web and at the same time ensure that it is rightly positioned for the global audience. Thus care should be taken in positioning the Brands in the New Age Technologies.

    Moksha Media frames strategies for the brand's presence in New Age Technologies. We work closely with our clients to amend the positioning as per the demands and culture of the global audience, while ensuring that the Brand is perceived the way it is intended to be. We encourage our clients to take advantage of New Technologies to spread the Brand.

    Activities undertaken in this phase:

    • Global Positioning
    • Strategic and Creative concepts
    • Domain Naming
    • E Branding and Marketing - B2B marketing and online advertising
    • Television: Advertisements
    • Print: Advertisements, Publicity
    • Digital: Web Sites, intranets, Digital userfaces, online guides, Asset Management Tools and other digital tools.

    A number of Brand Values that outline the tonality, consumer beliefs, and benefits of the brand supports the Brand essence. The brand essence transcends "marketing speak" or mission statement fluff. It's the purpose of your business. It's a core belief that resonates with you, your employees and your customers. It involves analyzing gathered research and talking with company visionaries and articulating a simple yet powerful brand essence statement, along with a brand positioning statement.

    We'll work with you to carve out a unique communications platform and build a comprehensive communications plan that differentiates your brand in the marketplace. We work with your Brand to give your company the recognition in the market.

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