Digital marketing is the promotion of products or brands via one or more forms of electronic / digital media. The idea is to use channels and methods that enable an organization to analyze marketing campaigns and provide real time understanding of what aspects work and what do not work for the brand. Today’s customers shop for everything, including best health care providers. People research more, invest more time and effort to find what is best for their health and their budget. They are ready to spend money for quality service because that service protects their life. They are not ready to take chances or bear with low quality service. They search for quality services for affordable rates. Current healthcare consumer is not only brand aware but also brand empowered.

In such a competitive market scenario, hospitals have to make digital marketing a priority by allocating a good chunk of funds toward developing digital marketing strategies. Digital marketing is the only medium that can measure the success and popularity of a brand accurately. Digital marketing, today, offers fully integrated, comprehensive marketing portfolio adoption, including Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per- Click, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat, Instagram etc.), Online Reputation Management, Public Relation, Local Listings and many more such service.

Benefits of Digital Marketing:

More and more people have newest forms of smart technology, making the community smaller in terms of accessibility. Thus, digital campaign is a better choice for the following reasons:

  1. It can be highly localized, maintaining focus in select geographical areas of cities and suburbs. It can also target niche audience, for example young mothers for pediatric care. Digital marketing can also be targeted to specific area and can help the healthcare brand reach international patients.
  2. Digital marketing concentrates on social platform, which in turn becomes a place where a brand can connect, build relations and socialize with targets. Hospitals need to target specific audience for their specific departments to show people the variety of service they offer.
  3. Digital marketing enables hospitals to meet their patients even before their first appointment. The tracking metrics available with digital marketing help hospitals understand what their patients need and want. One of the key differentiators for digital marketing initiatives is the amount of analytic data that can be tracked for each channel and campaign. Robust and accurate metrics are available for everything from what search terms someone used to find a site right up to when they called for an appointment and everywhere in between.
  4. Digital campaigns are faster and easier to setup and modify and, with the right analysis of metrics, quicker to show a significant return on your investment.
  5. Digital marketing enhances brand awareness and reputation. One of the benefits of online visibility is that a particular brand can be seen in multiple locations and have multi-touch points for greater public awareness. Healthcare options and information can be found in directories, review and rating sites, as well as via Google maps. With geoconquesting and geofencing, hospitals can deliver content that may not have been sought after, but puts the organization on their radar

In today’s fast-growing economy and digitally compact world, hospitals need to make sure they’re taking proactive measures to keep their digital marketing strategy current, or they will lose relevancy in the local markets.

Moksha Media is a reputed branding consultancy firm that has a dedicated data-driven marketing team. We make digital marketing work for hospitals. With our innovative approach to digital marketing and dedication to utilizing the latest marketing trends and technologies, we have helped hospitals exceed their revenues and visibility in the market.

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Top Digital Media Marketing Agencies in India - Moksha Media
Top Digital Marketing Companies in India - Moksha Media
Top Healthcare Branding & Digital Agency in India - Moksha Media


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