Healthcare marketing: How to improve patient retention

Patient retention tactics for hospitals as explored by one of the best branding and marketing agencies for hospitals

The healthcare industry depends heavily on the trust and loyalty the patients have in the brand to maintain their position. Carefully designed marketing strategies are to be implemented not only to gain new patients but also to retain the existing ones. When it comes to healthcare, online reviews left by the patients and personal recommendations from trusted friends and family have great impact on the brand’s credibility and reputation. Retaining your patients is a highly effective way of building a loyal customer base for your brand which in turn can lead to higher traffic and conversion. Let’s take a look at some of the things you can do to keep your patients coming back.

Keep communication open

Ensuring proper communication is the very first step in driving patient satisfaction. From scheduling an appointment to the one-on-one interactions later with your team, make sure that the patient gets genuine, compassionate response for all their queries. The patient should be given all the information they need to make informed decisions about their health and should also have their concerns addressed with care and respect. The positive impression gained through this can naturally put the patient at ease with your organization and will increase the probability of them coming back for your services.

Stay connected afterwards

Remember to stay connected with your patients afterward through customized texts and recommendations. Make use of the latest tools and technology to analyze the available patient data and behavioral patterns to provide them with a highly personalized experience from your brand. With the help of strategically delivered text messages, holiday greetings, and newsletters, you are not only increasing brand visibility, but also building a more personal relationship with the patient which will encourage them to keep coming back. Enabling marketing automation tools is highly effective in enhancing patient experience with your brand.

Listen to patient feedback

Make patient feedback the cornerstone of your brand building. In a field like healthcare where patients tend to trust their friends and family over advertisements and social media posts, it’s imperative that you maintain a good reputation as a brand that puts patients first at all times. You need to carefully analyze any and all feedbacks from the patients and make changes accordingly to build trust in the brand. Conduct satisfaction surveys, encourage them to leave their feedbacks and opinions on your social media channels and respond accordingly, let them tell you what they want from you and work toward meeting their requirements.

Encourage reviews

Review platforms can be a powerful tool that can be used to build your brand reputation in the eyes of the patients, new and old. Gently encourage your patients to leave a review on various review platforms. Keep a close eye on the reviews and make sure to address the concerns expressed in the reviews to maintain a good reputation as a trusted brand that listens to the patients. This will also lead to more positive reviews on the review platforms which will act as an affirmation that your services are indeed the best in your field and will keep the patients coming back for more.

Make use of new technologies

In this increasingly digital world, patients expect their healthcare journey to be easy and hassle free at all times. One of the easiest ways to make this happen is to provide them with a seamless digital experience with your brand. Make use of the latest technology and tools to provide them with a satisfying experience through dedicated patient portals, enabling online scheduling, automated appointment reminders, expert telemedicine services, and efficient use of AI chatbots. The personalized service thus provided will have a great impact on the patient experience and encourage them to stay loyal to your brand.

Organize community outreach programs

Accessibility to excellent healthcare is not a luxury everyone can afford. As a healthcare brand, organizing community outreach programs through camps, awareness seminars, tele-consultation and other dedicated programs intended to bring your expert care to remote areas will help your brand reputation as a brand that is sincere in its efforts to bring the best medical care possible to everyone. The good reputation thus gained will have a positive impact on review platforms and among the general public, which will lead to a higher patient retention as well.

Implement customized marketing strategies

Make use of the marketing and media platforms available to you by designing marketing strategies that will keep the patient interest in your brand at its peak at all times. Make sure to build trust and credibility in your brand by showcasing your experience and expertise through various channels so that the patients will realize why you are the best healthcare provider for them. Educate your patients, keep them aware, use targeted ads, and let them see your success stories, all of which will lead to heightened awareness of your brand and increase their interest in availing your services.

Measuring your brand’s key performance indicators for retention and developing customized strategies based on your performance to maximize patient retention require experienced branding and marketing professionals who can deliver the best outcomes for your brand in terms of patient retention and revenues. This is why you need someone who specializes in Healthcare marketing who knows the ins and outs of the industry and this is where Moksha Media comes in. With our 15+ years in healthcare marketing and highly experienced professionals, from planning to execution, we bring you comprehensive healthcare marketing services that can bring you the results you want. Working from our homebase in Hyderabad, Moksha Media has been able to deliver the best services in healthcare branding and digital marketing to reputed organizations across India and abroad. Entrust your brand in Moksha’s capable hands for ideal results.

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26 March 2024 | Healthcare Marketing, Digital Branding for Hospitals

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